Digitally Smart is a provider of digital marketing training courses; specially designed for companies who want to train their staff in digital marketing or individuals who seek to develop their profile in this particular field.

Our training courses are 100% web-based to make sure you benefit from Industry know-how wherever you're based. Students instruction is led and supervised by expert faculty which provides personal feedback that ensures you keep on pace.



  • Personal training in online marketing by industry experts
  • Quizzes, exercises and regular assignments with feedback to keep you up to speed
  • Instant access to course materials from the minute you enrol
  • Q&A forums with students and faculty
  • 100% web-based. No travel costs required


The Digitally Smart e-learning environment offers a full range of interactive activities that facilitates an optimized learning experience.

Through the e-study platform you will have access to:

  • Course information & resources
  • Course announcements board
  • Grade updates
  • Homework zone & dropbox
  • Document sharing area
  • Weekly targets
  • Discussion Forum and Q&A
  • Student/Faculty communication tools

Once you enrol for one of our courses we provide you with the course Syllabus right away. This serves the purpose of a course guide and outlines and summarises:

    • Course goals and objectives
    • Learning outcomes
    • Topics to be covered
    • Essential reading list
    • Prerequisite information
    • Assessment methodology

The class is created through a dynamic syllabus and presented through the e-learning platform using an easy-to-follow framework.

From the Digitally Smart e-learning platform you can access each week's assignments, topics, discussions as well as all the course materials.

Web-based classes feature chat & forum facilities that facilitate communication with peers and Faculty. Teachers are actively involved in online discussions and are available to answer questions through email.

Assessment is conducted via regular graded assignments and some courses include a final exam. When this apply final exam consists of:

Multiple Choice 20%
Essay 20%
Short Answer Response 30%
Fill The Blank 30%

From the minute you have enrolled on a course, you can access your way through your training material. Every course is made up of a series of sections, or modules. Each section contains a syllabus to meet your needs, the learning material in different media formats, your regular assignments and a progress test.
Your regular homework assignments are reviewed and graded by your teacher. How does the communication workflow work? Very simple, you upload your work into your Personal Student Section, and receive personal feedback from your Faculty.
Our Forum is available to all students enrolled on the course. This is the area where questions are answered about the learning material, assignments or any other query you may have.