The Conversion Optimisation course will provide you key terminology and will help you gain insight into how to develop cost-effective techniques to improve website results and establish website credibility. You will learn how to segment personas, how to create effective landing pages and how to prepare efficient testing environments.

The conversion optimisation course is a 4-week training course.


The Conversion Optimization course is aimed at students and professionals who seek to expand their knowledge in the field. It's also for those who want to learn how to optimize a website so to increase their online customer base and also leads and sales.

  • Marketing Professionals
  • Web managers & webmasters
  • Web designers
  • Publishers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business and Marketing students

Basic knowledge on Digital Marketing is required to attend this course.

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Conversion Optimization
  • Module 2 – Keywords; understand what they reveal about visitor intent
  • Module 3 – Personas and how to model customer behavior
  • Module 4 - Headlines, copy and its importance for conversion
  • Module 5 – What are conversion rates and how to improve them
  • Module 6 – Preparing Testing Environments

Participants will gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • How to develop audience personas
  • How to build a perfect landing page that retains visitors
  • How to establish credibility with your users to gain trust
  • The psychology of the buying cycle
  • How to exploit the power of A/B testing
After successful completion of the Conversion Optimization course you will be eligible to obtain the Digitally Smart Certification, which will qualify you as a Digital Marketing Certified Professional.

$99.00 (USD)


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