This course focuses on using web analytics tools to understand how people use the site and to get a good understanding of what is working well and what is not performing. You’ll learn how to effectively develop and use key performance indicators, how to create comprehensive measurement frameworks and how to establish processes to ensure data collected is properly analyzed and acted upon.

The Digital Analytics is a 4-week training course.


The Website Analytics course is ideal for those individuals who seek to understand online customers through web analytics tools. Whether you need to develop a digital marketing plan or develop and optimize a site this is the course to unlock your website data.

  • Marketing Professionals
  • Web owners, managers & webmasters
  • Web designers
  • Publishers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business and Marketing students

Note that no prior knowledge of Social Media Marketing is necessary to attend this course.

  • Module 1 – The web analytics playing field
  • Module 2 – Selecting a web analytics tool
  • Module 3 – Basics into how to implement web analytics
  • Module 4 - Interpreting web data
  • Module 5 – Providing actionable insights
  • Module 6 – Measuring marketing channels effectiveness

Participants will gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • The role of analytics in customer acquisition, traffic generation and user engagement
  • Understanding website traffic, audiences, and the science of decision making
  • How to create your actionable dashboards
  • How to measure web content and audiences intent
  • How to use web analytics data to optimise website performance
  • How to increase your online ROI and reduce the cost of acquisition
After successful completion of the Web Analytics course you will be eligible to obtain the Digitally Smart Certification, which will qualify you as a Digital Marketing Certified Professional.

$99.00 (USD)



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